How it works

Chaptr is unique in the housing market and provides a fundamental change in the way new houses will be built in New Zealand.

Chaptr aligns the various stakeholders in the housing value chain in a collaborative way, such that the financial process and the risks are managed more efficiently. The net impact for the buyer is a cheaper house and land package, whilst the developer, builder and the bank are placed in a much more secure position.

For our buyers

  • A lower purchase price on the same house and land package
  • No risk of loss of capital
  • They select the right house, section and builder that suits them
  • First home buyers can use their KiwiSaver and Homestart Grant (if applicable)
  • Higher equity
  • Less borrowing needed

For our builders

  • Having another sales channel to sell their homes
  • Better cashflow
  • Less customers affected by affordability issues
  • Qualified buyers

For our developers

  • Having a very committed buyer
  • Much lower capital requirements for their development/project
  • Higher turnover of sections as buyer affordability improves
  • Lowers overall development risk