Step 1. Be prepared

Begin saving and join Kiwisaver as soon as possible. You need to build your team to support you throughout the process, including a lawyer, bank/mortgage broker, Chaptr salesperson, friends and family.

Referrals from friends and family can be very helpful.

Step 2. Choose a House and Land Package

Choose a Chaptr house and land package from the Chaptr website. Email or speak with the Chaptr salesperson who will prepare and arrange for signing of Sale & Purchase agreement for section and Build Contract for your house.

Step 3. Due Diligence

The signed Sale & Purchase Agreement will go to your Solicitor for checking and arranging the uplifting of your Kiwisaver/Homestart Grant/finance. After usually 10 or 20 working days, the solicitor will confirm contracts as unconditional and you will pay the deposit. Then it is all go for building your new home.