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Activate your database of pre-approved loans with Chaptr

A brand new way to finance house and land packages.

We get more home buyers onto the housing ladder with our fresh approach to financing residential housing developments that benefit banks, brokers, builders, developers and home buyers.

We’re currently extending our network of brokers. Contact us so you can approve loans under the Chaptr model and activate your database of pre-approved loans.

More buyers

House Access to more qualified buyers who own their section and need a house.

Less risk

Tick Direct contract with buyer, payment on milestones, better cashflow, and no spec builds.

Sell more

Instant Equity Sell more standard plans with better profit margins.

How does Chaptr work?

We broker partnerships between developers and buyers so together they share the cost of developing sections lowering costs for them both. Buyers’ savings continue with their build and their mortgage, giving them even more reasons to choose Chaptr.

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