House & land packages in Christchurch at competitively low fixed prices

At Chaptr we aim to bring transformational change to the Christchurch housing market and help Kiwis buy residential sections and build homes for a noticeably lower cost. We’re doing something bold and new to make it easier to get on the property ladder.

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No surprises.

No budget blowouts, no surprises; just an affordable, top quality home built by a Master Builder.


Less risk.

Get significant peace of mind financially with your money protected at all times.


Boost equity

Get on and up the property ladder much quicker. By paying less for something worth more, equity is built right in.

How does Chaptr work?

We work in partnership with subdivisions, builders and financiers to break down the barriers to land buying and home building. Through Chaptr, you get access to exclusively lower land prices paired up with simple, standard house plans at competitive fixed prices.

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